[Beautyandtravelreviews.com] How to Get Skin That Amazes You: DIY Raspberry Face Mask and Smoothie

Do raspberries hold the key to longevity and glowing skin? Maybe, some research says.

Raspberries are packed with magnesium, antioxidants, and anthocyanins, which strengthen blood vessels and heart health. Raspberries also contain less sugar than blueberries, making them a potent weapon for weight loss.

So, why not add raspberries to your beauty routine to look and feel your best? Try these raspberry face mask and smoothie recipes during your lunch break and you’ll return to the office glowing. Everyone will think you visited the spa.

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[Beautyandtravelreviews.com] Beauty Emergency 911: How to Get Rid of a Massive Zit That Emerges Out of Nowhere at the Worst Possible Time + Video Tips by Dr. Pimple Popper

Isn’t it infuriating? You have clear skin for weeks, but the night before your big event, a gargantuan pimple materializes out of the ether and threatens to ruin your day.

You panic. You scrub. You douse the zit in ointment. Maybe you cry a little. But nothing works.

So, what now?

The good news is you have options. Learn what to do next time a massive pimple threatens to ruin your plans. Get how-to tips from Dr. Pimple Popper and explore long-term treatment options for severe and cystic acne here.

[Travels and Fun Times] 3 Island Adventures You Must Experience Once in Your Lifetime

This island will enchant you with its beauty, with landscapes and colors found in dreams and paintings. Here, the water curls into a thousand greens and blues, turning sky blue and sapphire then cyan and emerald in the sunlight.

Author James Michener said the island was “so stunning, there are no adequate words to describe it.”

But today, the island promises serenity and adventure at once, attracting both nature lovers and curious travelers. And you’ll find many ways to explore this island when you visit. You’ll swim with stingrays, free fall from airplanes — and find more adventures here.

[Travels and Fun Times] Can You Guess This Place?

Head to the islands in this picturesque Mediterranean country if you want to escape from the world.

This nation is known for its pebble and white sand beaches, electric blue caves, and hidden coves. On some islands, you can dine inside fortresses and enjoy savory seafood, home-grown olives, and Vugava wine. One island is also home to an award-winning beach that tourists say is the world’s most beautiful.

Can you guess this place?

[Travels and Fun Times] Discover Private Islands and Other Seven-Star Surprises Here

Shaped like a sail, it sits on a man-made island and towers over emerald seas and city skies. At night, it bursts with color — amethyst, lime green, fuchsia, and gold — lighting the sky like an electric rainbow.

Here, you’ll find seven-star surprises: private butlers, chauffeured limousines, and champagne bubble baths with strawberries delivered Jacuzzi-side. And here, you’ll find restaurants headed by Michelin-starred chefs modeled after the Milky Way and the deep sea.

But if you can’t visit, try the next best thing: a video tour. See here.

[Travels and Fun Times] 4 Underwater Adventures to Add to Your Bucket List

Why not turn your next trip into an underwater adventure?

Escape to this archipelago nation, where vanilla-sand beaches glitter like amber jewels at sunset, and coconut-scented breezes cascade through palm trees and turquoise seas. But on these islands, the best-kept secrets lie under the sea.

Dive into the ocean, and you’ll find five-star spas, seafood restaurants, and other surprises. Sip champagne at clam-shaped bars, and twirl on underwater dance floors bathed in cobalt light.

But don’t go home yet. The night is just starting.

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