The Job of the Future? Creative Entrepreneur.

Whether we’re talking about artists, bloggers, podcasters, writers, craftsmen, the future belongs to those who will do their best to build a business around their creative endeavors.

This, however, requires more than one skills.

And the bitter truth of this brave new, highly interconnected, fast world we live in is that you either die and artist or live long enough to see yourself become a creative entrepreneur.

irevuo is a platform dedicated to helping creatives become entrepreneurs in the true sense of the word, without feeling like they’re selling their soul.

We chose to name our project irevuo mostly because it’s short. And it has a very romantic, almost artistic, appeal. It’s like Spanish, but it’s not. Also “revuo” means journal in Esperanto. And the” i” might come from a million different places: interconnected is a nice word.


  1. I like the thoughts on the name – It’s funny to think all of the possibilities that can come together when we think of a name for whatever we’re trying to make, blog or otherwise!

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