Cold Shower Challenge Day 11

Today I had an appointment for 9 am. It was a fasting blood test appointment. So I set the alarm early because let’s get this done so I can eat damnit.

Keegan and I both wake up. Cloud cover is gone, bright Australian morning sunlight had flooded the room.

Time for a tickle fight. I win. lol.

I check the time as the alarm hasn’t gone off yet. 6 am.

6 AM!!

Oh well, suns out, guns out.

Now here’s some background info. I have Google home assistant and as I’ve said, I call it bitch, but that’s just in the app. Google Assistant won’t respond to that. It’s either Hey Google or Okay Google.

Until a little while ago I discovered it’ll respond to Hey Doodle or Okay Doodle. So now I have…

Doodle Home Assistant

Anyway, here we are this morning. Suns out, Guns out.

Hey Doodle, what’s the temperature?

It’s currently 12 degrees.. okay, let me just put these guns away.

Morning Milo for my little man while he watches his shows. I dive in.

I noticed the other day that I still have my bathroom window wide open. I particularly noticed it this chilly morning. I should shut it one of these days. I have a theory. If I’m cold before getting in the shower, it won’t feel as cold.

Today I actually checked the shower gell and yep. Lather up, take a wander. Says it right there on the bottle.

The timer alarm went off this morning. I finally get out a minute later because the alarm just keeps on going, and going. It also stops my music.

Shaking my booty to the alarm just…. isn’t the same.

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  1. inthiscastle says:

    I busted out laughing ” it’ll respond to Hey Doodle or Okay Doodle. So now I have…

    Doodle Home ”


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