Cold Shower Challenge Day 8

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So here we are, Day 8. I was feeling like I should be noticing some benefits now. Besides the extra focus and energy afterwards.

Then I realised I hadn’t discussed the apparent healing benefits I’ve noticed. A year ago I developed a persistent ulcer on my lower leg. Where bone had broken through when I’d had my accident. The skin and surrounding area had never been the same since. Coupled with reduced blood flow to my legs also as a result of the accident.

The infection in the ulcer kept coming and going for 12 months. Even after 2 courses of high dosage antibiotics. Then recently it was discovered I had a staph infection in my lower leg at the ulcer site. Now if you’ve read about my accident -> you’ll know that getting a staph infection anywhere in my leg, left leg specifically, is pretty dangerous. As in losing the leg dangerous.

Back on strong antibiotics again, as much as I hate them, I like my leg where it is a lot more.

Anyway, ran out of antibiotics and it looks like the infection has gone, but the ulcer still hasn’t healed. I ran out of them the day I started the cold showers too, funny enough. And it is now looking better than it has in 12 months. The damaged skin around it, from the bone tearing through muscle and skin, damaged, even looks better. Not as dry, and just looking firmer and healthier.

One of the pros of cold showers that I discussed in my first blog entry, is increased blood flow, and the state my legs are in as a result of the accident. I’ll try anything that will help with increased blood flow.

So I’ll be interested to see how it’s looking in another week. I’m taking progressive photos.

Today I hit 4 min and 30 seconds. And that was after face scrub, wash, shampoo and condition. Stand around for a bit. Then it hit me, how to stretch it out to 5 minutes. Shampoo. Rinse and REPEAT. Supposed to repeat right?

Knowing my luck, my shampoo will say.


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