Cold Shower Challenge

Let’s just start with….

4 AM

He woke me at 4 am. I gave up trying to get him back to sleep at 5 am. Gave up on going back to sleep myself at 6 am. So I was very grumpy at this stage.

So….. Milo? Check. TV Show? Check. Temperature check? Check. I mean 14 degrees.

Why do I check the temperature? I hear you ask. Or maybe that was just the voices… anywho… I’m THAT guy. Going to the beach tomorrow, I watch shark attack movies like Jaws, Deep Blue. Going on a long flight? Final Destination. Got surgery coming up? I’ll watch how-to YouTube videos. I think you get the picture..

Today it was at 14 degrees at 6:15 am. I dove in and managed a 2-minute shower. I’ve read somewhere that music helps, so I might give that a go. Although music also attracts a 4-year-old.

I have been feeling a little more motivated. I think that’s more from the last couple of weeks of working out and other steps I’ve taken to help my mental health, than from the cold showers. I’m also feeling sleepy. I think that’s more the 4 am wake ups than cold showers not working. Pretty sure if it wasn’t for the shower this morning I’d be back in bed.

Here’s to tomorrows insanity. I mean experiment.

Never miss a Rambling….

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