Cold Shower Routine Day2

Well, first off I got to sleep all the way through last night. So that’s a win as it seems to be a rare event for parents. I woke around 6am, however, I’m not quite at the point of getting up that early to take advantage of Keegan still being asleep.

So we both woke up at 8am. Played the thirsty mozzie tickle game for about half an hour. Then we played the “Daddy going to get up, quick cuddle him and then push with my little legs as hard as I can so as to push daddy back onto the bed” game. I need a shorter title for that game. It’s a variation of his “attack hugs” game.

9am and I finally got his TV show going, The ABC one… again. Seriously, I catch myself singing it at random points during the day. Okay, he has Milo in hand, singing ABC. I’m off, it’s cold shower time… oooh, something shiny. Now it’s 9:15 and he’s come to find me. oh crap… focus.

So I set him up with some other nursery singalongs that he likes and I dive in the cold shower. It’s 15 degrees, apparently. Today I lasted what felt like a lot longer. 1 min 15 sec. A whole ten seconds longer. The theory of relativity comes to mind.

Nothing else to report, except I can confirm two things. One, it certainly helps you wake up a bit. Two, it’s fucking cold. At this rate, I might get to 5 min in a month! lol

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