The Saga of Wizard Bear

I do not consider myself a poet, despite having two daily haiku twitter feeds, @D_and_Dhaiku and @TrekHaiku. Here is another poem I wrote, in clear defiance of non-poethood. I wrote this as a result of discussing whether or not a Druid could cast spells while transformed into an animal, i.e. hardcorde nerd discussion. From minutia comes art. (BTW a Druid CANNOT not cast spells while in animal form. In case you were wondering.)

Art by the incomparable Bil Roundy. See his art at;

Deep in the woods, let evil beware
The children’s friend, the Wizard Bear
With tooth and claw, staff and spells
Monsters he fights, darkness he fells
If you be goblin, ogre, or troll
Growing thunder will be your doom’s toll
If wisdom you seek, Wizard Bear is wise
His knowledge is great, as is his size
Old as the trees, strong as steel
Calls no one lord, he’ll never kneel
If you lose your way, in the pathless wood
Wizard Bear watches, from beneath his hood
So be not afraid, have not a care
You’re under the gaze of Wizard Bear

* * *

If darkness is present, this is its flag
Running wild and free, the Daemon Stag
Blood crusts his antlers, and also his hooves
When his hunt begins, everyone moves
He bears no knight, only death rides along
All birds and beasts flee, they know something’s wrong
Many hunters have tried to bring him down
Their reward is always six feet underground
When the wild hunt, it does assemble
Wise and foolish, both will tremble
Dark as his heart is, bereft of compassion
There is one foe, turns his victory ashen
Who is this Hero, Elf, Dwarf, or Man?
None of these worthies, claim him in their clan
If you worry, feel no despair
The wicked Hart’s rival, is Wizard Bear

* * *

The birds have all fled, the beasts are all gone
And none will return, till the breaking of dawn
The woods are empty, air still as a tomb
Evil swiftly approaches, each moment closer to doom
A ring of stones stand, ’round an ancient Tor
While fiery prints cross the forest’s floor
And under the sky, the stars grow dim
The moon hangs crimson, all seems grim
Walking into the circle, it’s no crone’s nag
It’s the Devil’s hart, the Daemon Stag
It’s midsummer night, blood and flame he’ll bring
Laying claim to the title, the Forest King
Who will challenge, such a fearsome foe?
Will all lose courage, will all say no?
Deep in a cavern, filled with sweet fragrant smoke
A figure does stand, gathers staff and cloak
He strides through the woods, with purpose and steel
Brave and bold, no fear does he feel
At the circle, he now arrives
He roars to his foe, its sound cuts like knives
After that time stands still, no wind through the air
So begins the last battle, of Wizard Bear

* * *

With a bolt of lightning, Wizard Bear strikes first
But the Daemon Stag, he’s endured worse
Antler points flash, under the blood-red moon
They don’t find their target, he’s lunged too soon
Magic is loosened, fire, cold, and storm
But the the foe is pure evil, shaped in Hart’s form
Hooves forged in Hell, sharp as hate
Swiftly they strike, blood-thirst without sate
With claw and hoof, spell and horn
Soon both are bloodied, flesh pierced and torn
For all that, both fiercely fight on
There can be but one victor, when the forest sees dawn
Daemon Stag is weakened, but still has one trick
Where blood has been spilt, the footing is slick
If he could smile, his smirk would be wide
Wizard Bear lunges, then begins to slide
With a fall like thunder, he lands on his back
All weakness forgotten, the Stag now attacks
Claws hold back antlers, but the strain is great
Each one fights, to seal the other one’s fate
Inch by inch, the horns do descend
Wickedly piercing, flesh they do rend
With one final thrust, Daemon Stag impales
Wizard Bear shudders, but still never quails
Horns still in him, he slowly stands
Grasps the base of each antler, bound like iron bands
Strength does fade, as night passes to morn
But defend the forest, this he has sworn
Throws back his head, roars mighty as thunder
Snaps off the spiked rack, breaking evil asunder
His power is rent, the ground yawns wide
Back to Hell itself, does Daemon Stag ride
Battle is won, evil has lost
Do not yet rejoice, there is always a cost
He’s now Forest King, but his reign will be brief
The day has been won, but not without grief
Against the Tor, does the Wizard Bear lie
Though in great pain, he looks to the sky
Birds are returning, he hears their song
Gently he sighs, and Wizard Bear is gone

* * *

Deep in the woods, surrounded by oak
Lies a cave filled, with sweet-smelling smoke
Those who live in the woods, they know one thing
Protected they are, by the Forest King
Others will say, that one is dead
But the sage know the truth, and just shake their head
Now he dreams and rests, in a peaceful slumber
But not forever, these days have number
When Darkness rises again, evil must beware
Their foe is always the Wizard Bear

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