The Day I Died

I see the truck bearing down on us out of the corner of my eye, I consider dropping our weight to my right, dropping down a few gears, and really opening that throttle up, red-lining the girl in an attempt to get away.

I had just gotten home from work, my fiance of 10 days was almost ready. I’d said we would go somewhere for a drink and a bite to eat, as well as swinging by one of my offsite warehouses. I didn’t want to though, I just wanted to lay down after a full-on day. I averaged 30 thousand steps a day at my job and it was physically demanding.

Today had been busier than usual and I was tired. Looking back I think it was my gut telling me to not go, but I knew she’d been looking forward to getting out of the house. So we geared up and jumped on my Hyosung 650cc and off we went.

The warehouse was going to be the first stop. 15 minutes away, at the most. I slowed down as we approached the roundabout, a bus was going straight through, across our path. Bear in mind, we are in Australia, we drive on the left-hand side. I looked to my right, nothing was coming at all. Glanced to my left as I started opening up the throttle and leaning, as we entered the roundabout, I saw the truck approaching and dismissed it as I went to open her up further, I’ve got right of way, he’s not even at the roundabout as I’ve entered.

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    1. Aww. Thanks Ruth ❤ Hope you are doing well.

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