Showcase: Edvard Munch

Norwegian painter Edvard Munch’s works can cause psychological trauma. Or are they depictions of such trauma? There’s something bizarre about them, and said works show how art is not about the outward appearance of things, but their inner complexities. What hides behind a smile? What can you figure out about a person from their body language? What is it about colors?

4 thoughts on “Showcase: Edvard Munch

  1. I remember having The Scream freak me out as a child… But the more I look at Edvard’s artwork as I’m older, the more I feel I relate to them. There’s a certain kind of tension I sense from his pieces – something that I can relate to on a personal level.

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  2. All visual art is essentially a recording of human experience, and because our experience is so varied it’s forever complex and thus endlessly fascinating – at least, for anyone interested in others. What do you make of the paintings of Francis Bacon?

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