Radu’s Movie Recommendation: Begin Again (2013)

You can tell a lot about a person by what’s on their playlist.


Can music save your soul? Can it guide you towards redemption? That is the question…

Begin Again is the story of two broken souls. Dan is a record producer, having been recently kicked out of the house by his wife, who just cannot adapt to the changing music industry. Gretta is a singer songwriter, recently dumped by her now famous ex-boyfriend, who is having trouble finding her place in the big city. By a chance encounter they meet each other in a bar and decide to work together to create a music album, as a tribute to New York City.

I have to admit, I loved this movie. It’s fun, it’s deep, it has good music and there’s this amazing chemistry between the two main characters. Also, it takes you for a “walk” all around New York. While the characters are working on their music album, they decide to record it all over the city, as a way to add the feeling of New York in the music. They record while rowing a boat in Central Park, while stuck in traffic, on a rooftop in Upper East Side. In an era of CGI  and special effects, this movie is actually filmed on the streets. This is what makes it so natural.

Still, as much as I loved this movie, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed. There is a scene where the lead characters share an iPod and they just wander around the city, listening to their guilty pleasure. I think is one of the greatest intimate scene between two actors without actually having any sexual reference. As I said, these guys have amazing chemistry together. Both are broken souls who find their peace in the music they make. But as the movie goes, you actually wish that they could also find their peace in each other. But that never happens. Maybe this is one of the best on screen relationships that could have happened but never happened.

Still, it is a wonderful movie to enjoy, if you like a smart laugh and good music.

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