Review: Blade Runner 2049

Art. Art film. Not movie, but film. An art film is supposed to be… what? This is what Blade Runner is supposed to be, I guess, even though I am not sure what is artistic about it. Maybe the scenery, the amount of time you’ve got to spend in front of a screen, or maybe it’s art because it is the kind of sad story that could break your heart if you gave a damn about any of the characters.

The only thing artistic is this bleak portrayal of humans becoming sad and pitiful creatures who view the world in a rather capitalistic manner… everything’s for sale in a way. Nothing has any value. This was my impression. When you’ve got a holographic girlfriend you bought from some corporation, I guess that qualifies as a way of not killing yourself. That was the sad part. Maybe the artistic part.

Regardless, this movie is too long. Much, much too long. Ryan Gosling’s character spends two thirds of the movie trying to figure something out (doing detective stuff) then a plot twist occurs. Then he gets the shit kicked out of him by a number of people, including Harrison Ford’s character, for the remaining third of the movie. That’s it. Oh. There’s also another plot twist.

Art film. God, I kind of hate the sound of this. It’s like someone is trying to show you how smart they are. I suppose that’s the point of this movie: some guys trying to show us how clever they are.

It doesn’t work like that in real life, because I strongly believe the only people they impressed were themselves.

In any case, even though I have not praised this movie at all, it was still one of the best ones I’ve watched this year. It should say something about the state of decay in terms of good movies produced by Hollywood. Or maybe I’ve just become impossible to please. Who knows?

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