Five blogs any self-publisher should follow

When I decided to self-publish my first novel in January 2011, I knew nothing about the book industry, about marketing, about promoting my work. I didn’t have a blog or a Twitter account or even a Facebook fan page. Also, even if we’re talking about 2 years ago, the whole self-publishing gig was still young, yet yo achieve the popularity it now holds among readers.

In the next months I tried to learn as much as possible about self-publishing, especially by following the blogs of those who were doing better than I was, or those who simply appeared to know what they were doing, because I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.

Probably the one blog any person who wants to self-publish is J.A. Konrath’s. Some say he’s the guru of indie writers; I’d say he’s probably the writer who best understands the business side of self-publishing. He knows how to promote and market his books, how to get readers interested, and he’s also one of ardent believer in the fact that going indie is the best way to go in this new era.

David Gaughran is another indie writer whose blog is a must read for anyone who decides that self-publishing is better than seeking a traditional deal. He blogs about the industry, about trends, and new options for indie writers. He has also written one of the best self-publishing guides available on the market, Let’s Get Digital. I highly recommend it.

In early 2012 I discovered Catherine, Caffeinated, Catherine Ryan Howard’s blog. She writes about self-publishing with a sense of realism that most indie writers seem to lack. She knows that selling even a handful of books is an almost impossible task, she’s also perfectly aware that delivering a quality product (writing, book cover, blurb, interior design) is probably the single most important factor (and this is one thing she constantly reminds her many blog followers.) Oh, and she’s funny too.

Joel Friedlander. The book designer. On his blog you’ll find tons of valuable information about book design, typography, cover design, and self-publishing. He’s got a lot of experience, so you’d do well and listen to what he’s got to say.

If you want to know how you can build a great fan base, how you can build an impressive blog readership without having to write tons of posts about self-publishing, then you just have to read Lindsay Burroker’s blog. Her blog is always a joy to read, mostly because just as Catherine, she appreciates every sale and knows a lot about setting reasonable goals.

This is not, by any means, a top of the best self-publishing blogs. It’s just a top of the blogs I religiously follow and read, blogs that offered me a lot of information and knowledge about how self-publishing works.

9 thoughts on “Five blogs any self-publisher should follow

  1. Thanks for this, good post. I know some, but not all of the sites, so always good to hear of new ones.
    I’ll second the mention of Joel Friedlander. I’m doing his Roadmap course at the moment and it’s very thorough (and in terms of journalistic disclosure, I have not received, not sought, any compensation for that plug!). Credit where it’s due.

    Happy New Year!
    Alicia Young


  2. Cristian, I commented on your blog a few minutes ago. This is great info and very useful. As I start out on this journey I need all the best advice I can get. I found JA Konraths blog fascinating, but no less important than Lindsay Burroker. Thank you again and I wish you every success for 2013.


    James Maberly


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